1. wild confusion; uproar; disorder
2. the abode of all demons
3. Destruction guild on the Burlok server
in Warhammer Online
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PostSubject: READ ME FIRST   Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:22 am

Welcome to the Pandemonium recruitment forum. Chances are you are here because one of our members sent you this way. We are a guild of friendly and mature Warhammer Online addicts. We enjoy friendly guild chat and cooperative gameplaying. Our most valuable asset is our guild members and we make maintaing our friendly guild atmosphere our top priority.

Some important things you should know about Pandemonium are the following:

- We expect a mature attitude including towards people not in the guild
- We expect you to be polite, friendly, and not greedy
- You must know how to play your class
- Help your guildies (trade skills / ganking / quests)
- Regular gameplay (we don't expect you to be online 24/7, however being offline for weeks at a time with no advance warning will not look good)

Please feel free to tell us more about yourself by posting an application using the application template in the other sticky post in this forum. Good luck cheers

(Existing Pandemonium members please refrain from making comments about applicants in this forum other than to encourage them or to show your support. Anything negative should either be PM'd to an officer or written in the members only forum)
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