1. wild confusion; uproar; disorder
2. the abode of all demons
3. Destruction guild on the Burlok server
in Warhammer Online
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 Forum Rulez

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PostSubject: Forum Rulez   Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:52 am

These 'ere rules are straight forward and should not be a problem for anyone of decent character. Anyone breaking these rules will incurr da wrath of Gork - followed by a good kickin' - followed by having their account disabled and a ban on rejoining the forum. Ere are da fings we hate (apart from doze Order people wiv dere daily bathing and neat haircuts):

- Posting inflammatory comments (commonly referred to as "trolling")
- Flame wars. Take it to PM
- Persistent xenophobia, racism or personal abuse directed at other forum member
- Posting obscene or pornographic material, or links to other sites that contain or promote obscene or pornographic material
- Leeaching images from other sites.
- Advertising other guilds or other guild related material

By continuing to access/post on these forums you agree that you have read and understood these terms
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Forum Rulez
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