1. wild confusion; uproar; disorder
2. the abode of all demons
3. Destruction guild on the Burlok server
in Warhammer Online
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PostSubject: General Recruitment Poster   Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:26 am

At lieutenant Schwartzbaum's signal his men halted. After hours of wading through water and muddy ground in the Marshes of Madness, the Nuln 22nd swordsmen regiment had at last arrived at their target - the Fangbreaka Swamp. Aiding their allies, the dwarfs of Barak Varr, Schwartzbaum's swordsmen had set the greenskins, now a much smaller band, on the run. While the greenskins appear brutish and dumb, the experienced lieutenant knew better than that. If the greenskins had not possessed a savage sense of cunning, they would not have retreated to regroup at the defensive stronghold at Fangbreaka Swamp. The greenskins were simply waiting for more of their numbers to arrive, making ready for another assault on the dwarf warcamp. This had to end now. The greenskins were a fighting force to be reckoned with, and with their relentless assaults on the warcamp, it would be disastrous to allow another orc and goblin attack force to gather at Fangbreaka.

The sounds of the marshes were abruptly broken by a loud "WAAAAAGH!" and the sound of an orcapult lobbing a rock towards the Nuln 22nd. He ignored the nervous glances of his swordsmen, who solemnly stood their ground as their lieutenant remained passive. Their discipline satisfied him. As expected, the greenskins had prepared their defenses. He watched the massive boulder dig itself deep into the mud no less than 40 feet in front of them.

- We have an age requirement of 18+. (However exceptions can be made in individual instances)
- We expect you to be polite, friendly, and not greedy.
- You must be online on a regular basis (we don't expect you to be online 24/7, however being offline for weeks at a time with no advance warning will not look good)
- You must have a good understanding of your career and how it works in a group.
- Most of our members are currently "light" role-players or not role-players. Some of us would like to be better at it but suck and fail to come up with even a decent background story. If you're the type that is "in-character" all the time, this probably isn't the guild for you. But if you enjoy the occasional RP session in-between crushing the skulls of your opponents, or perhaps enjoy an RP atmosphere but aren't comfortable participating, you'll do well.

"Advance!" he yelled, and the 22nd charged towards the greenskin keep while the orcs manning the orcapult were reloading the odd, wooden contraption. Schwartzbaum and his men took shelter beneath the walls as the battering ram was brought up. The crew, sweaty from moving the ram through the boggy lands, went at the door. Soon this would be over.
Then the warning came. "The flank!" Heinrich, one of the older, more experienced swordsmen, pointed towards the path they'd previously come by.
Schwartzbaum looked and saw not greenskins, but a band of chaos marauders and warriors marching towards Fangbreaka, and in their rear their sorcerers and cultists, chanting their mad prayers to the blasphemous Raven God. Amongst their numbers were dark elves, looking mad with bloodlust. The lieutenant cursed - Chaos and dark elves, here?! The reality of the situation was grim - while the new enemy group was relatively small, the 22nd was now trapped between the greenskin keep and the Northerners and their dark elf allies. Why these savages and alien elves were aiding the greenskins he could worry about later. He ordered his men into position just in time before the battle ensued. The dark elves and their heretical allies charged onto them, as the 22nd fought for their very lives.

Our Goals
- Be able to capture and sustain a keep on a regular basis.
- Invade the enemy capital and kill their Realm leader NPCs.
- Defeatr the high level PvE dungeons.
- Make sure the guild atmosphere remains fun and enjoyable for everyone.
- Have loads of fun bashing people's heads in.
- We're not aiming at being a large guild, but simply to have a tight and friendly community with enough people to be able to do all the stuff available at end-game - basically being able to field 24 people or close enough when there's a city siege on the horizon.

A massive chaos warrior pounded his enormous axe into Schwartzbaum's shield, knocking him into an armoured dark elf, sending both into the muddy marsh water. Schwartzbaum landed heavily on the dark elf, almost impaling his arm on the elf's spiked armour. Using his and his armour's weight, he forced the dark elf deep into the mud, until he drowned beneath the water and moved no longer. Just then, a mighty "WAAAAAGH!" roared from the keep, and as the lieutenant looked up from his enemy, he saw that the greenskins in their lust for battle had opened the gates and poured out, not wanting to risk missing out on the fight, wreaking havoc amongst the doomed swordsmen, as dark elves and chaos followers cut down his men one by one. All the discipline of his 22nd was replaced with confusion, panic and disorder. And as a witch elf's blade slid under Schwartzbaum's chin, there was nothing left but Pandemonium.

Do our goals coincide with yours? Does this sound like a guild you'd want to be in? If you think Pandemonium might be the guild for you, feel free to write up an application on this forum.
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