1. wild confusion; uproar; disorder
2. the abode of all demons
3. Destruction guild on the Burlok server
in Warhammer Online
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 guild application Hunar

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Squig Food

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PostSubject: guild application Hunar   Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:11 am

Hello I am applying for your guild after searching the warhammer alliance forums for a guild that would suit me.
I am 20 years old live in Belgium but i have the Dutch nationality. I played WOW had 2 70 characters did not do alot of high level content. Also played LOTRO and Age of conan for a short while but nver got a character to max level . I am usually online during the weekends and early evenings during the week. I like both PVE and PVP but I play mostly PVP in warhammer online.

* Name: Hunar
* Career: Marauder
* Rank: 25
* Renown Rank: 20
* Mastery Build:
* Renown Build:
* Gathering Profession: salvaging 130
* Crafting Profession: talisman making 128

Play Style Information

I see myself more as a team player then solo although I prefer solo questing. In PvP i think its my job do deal damage mostly to stop healers from healing there team mates and getting rid of those annoying ranged dps classes. I do not go kamikaze (charging in order order groups without any teammates around me) and usually wait awhile until the order ar busy whit the tanks. that is also why i picked Savergy as my masatery build so i can do the 75 healing debuff and the 75 armour piercing so i can also begin to slaughter some enemy tanks. In PVE my job is to do allot as dps as possible without pulling lotsa aggro (got wave of horror for that). My renown build mainly to get some higher str and toughness for better dps and survivability, got extra exp tactic cause I pvp alot.

Guild Interest

I am applying for pandemonium because I like the occasional role-play but i am not very good at coming up with background story and character development. And I don't want to be IC al the time. I would to able to some organized pvp to capture and defend keeps. And maybe some scenarios with guild members as well. I think I am decent player that can help contribute to any event planned.

thank you in advance for taking the time to read my application and I hope I get an guild invite soon.
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Admin Boss

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PostSubject: Re: guild application Hunar   Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:05 pm

Hi mate - your application is approved! Welcome to the guild Smile Please whisper Krulga or Bludgut (me) in game for your guild invitation. Krulga might not have read your app yet so if he asks you anything just tell him to read the forum and tell him Gazlowe told you to speak to him Smile

Once again - Welcome - and please tell any of your friends who are interested to join up that they are welcome too.


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guild application Hunar
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